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About the institute


Shardyko Igor Vladimirovich — the director of the institute of professional development and personnel retraining, Ph.D. in History

Zaytseva Lilia Gennadyevna — the deputy director of the institute of professional development and personnel retraining, Ph.D. in pedagogical sciences

Bondarenko Irina Konstantinovna — the chief of Educational scientific center

Malakhova Lilia Leonidovna — the leading economist

Cherepovskaya Tatyana Igorevna — the chief of educational and methodical department



Implementation of educational programs for additional adult education is one of the objectives of the Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining.

The Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining of the educational establishment “Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University” that functions as a division of the Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University (hereinafter — the University) without the right of juridical person was opened on 1 November 2000 in accordance with the order of the rector of the University “About opening of the Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining in the structure Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University” (№ 192, 29 September, 2000) on the basis of decisions (letters) of the Ministry of Education of Belarus dating back to 20.07.2000 No. 29-15-1/1028 and to 26.09.2000 No 15-1/222-7).

The first rector of the Institute was a candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Konstantin Michajlovich Bondarenko (now Rector of the University), the Dean for Academic Affairs was a Candidate of mathematical sciences, professor Nina Ivanovna Avdeeva. From December, 2004 to August, 2010 the Institute was headed by Igor Shardyko, Ph.D., associate professor (now the head of the Department of the East Slavic and Russian history of the university).

Today the management of the Institute is carried by Zhanna Anatolevna Barsukova, Ph.D., associate professor, who was Deputy Director (vice-rector) for academic affairs for five and a half years until August, 2010.

From 2007 to 2010, there functioned the faculty of retraining of executives and professionals under the guidance of the candidate of pedagogical sciences Lilies Gennadievna Zaitseva, who is currently the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs.

Moreover, for a number of years the structure of the Institute included:

The Department of Innovative Technologies for adult education (up to 30.09.2009 — the department of defectology and practical psychology), which was originally led by Ph.D., Associate Professor Yuri K. Shegrilashvili, then by Ph.D. in psychology Irina V. Cherepanova;

The Department of socio-economic and judicial disciplines, which in different years was headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Lyudmila Levski, Ph.D., Associate Professor Natalia Morozova , Ph.D., Associate Professor Michael A. Bezzubenko.

Currently, the organization and functions of scientific and methodological support of educational process in The Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining are carried out by:

  • educational and methodical department, the chief of which is Tatyana Igorevna Cherepovskaya (previously Svetlana Vladimirovna Lukyantseva);
  • Educational and Research Center headed by Irina K. Bondarenko.

Today this centre is the most mobile and versatile structural unit of the University, which offers a variety of educational programs of additional education:

  1. Educational retraining program for executives and specialists with higher education.
    In accordance with a special permit (license) to conduct educational activities The Institute has the right to realize and implement training in 28 specialties with giving an appropriate qualification:
    1-02 03 71 “Foreign Language (specifying the language)” with the qualification “teacher of a foreign language”
    1-02 05 71 “Computer” with the qualification “Teacher of Informatics”
    1-03 03 71 “Speech Therapy” with the qualification “Teacher-Speech Pathologist”
    1-03 03 76 “Integrated training and education in pre-school education” with the qualification “Teacher pathologist”
    1-03 03 77 “Integrated training and education in school education” with the qualification “Teacher pathologist
    1-03 04 72 “Practical Psychology” with qualification “Teacher-Psychologist”
    01-08-01 71 “Educational activity of specialists” with the qualification “Teacher in accordance with qualifications in basic education”
    01-08-01 73 “Vocational training” with the qualification “Teacher in accordance with qualifications in basic education”
    1-09 01 73 “Informational-ideological and educational work in educational institutions” with the qualification “Specialist of ideological and educational work”
    1-21 06 74 “Modern Foreign Language (indicating the type of professional activity) ” with the qualification “Translator Consultant”
    1-23 01 71 “Psychology” with qualification “Psychologist.Teacher of Psychology”
    1-24 01 71 “Jurisprudence” with the qualification “Lawyer”
    1-24 01 72 “Economic Law” with the qualification “Lawyer with the knowledge of economy”
    1-25 01 75 “Economics and management in industry” with the qualification “Economist- manager”
    1-25 01 83 “Economics and Management in Business”
    1-25 03 75 “Accounting and control in the industry”
    1-26 01 72 “State and local government” with the qualification “Specialist in the field of government”
    1-26 01 76 “Personnel Management”
    1-26 02 71 “Management in Public Relations”
    1-26 02 74 “Business Administration” with the qualification “economist-manager”
    1-26 02 76 “Marketing”
    1-26 02 84 “Information and legal support for business”
    1-26 02 85 “Logistics”
    1-40 01 73 “Software Information Systems”
    1-89 02 71 “Management of Tourism Organization”
    1-89 02 72 “Tour operator and travel agency activities”
    1-89 02 75 “Tourism and recreation activities”
    1-89 03 72 “Sociocultural consulting for tourist activities”
  2. Educational training program for managers and professionals with higher education in educational profiles (specialties):
    “Natural Sciences (direction of education “Natural Sciences”)
    “Environmental Science” (the direction of education “Environmental Science”)
    “Pedagogy. Vocational education”
    “Security Service” (direction of education “Protecting citizens, personal and public property”, “State Safety”)
    with secondary and higher education on profiles (specialties):
    “Pedagogy” (direction of education “Pedagogy of Childhood”, “Pedagogy of teenage and youthful age”, “Pedagogy of all ages”)
    “Pedagogy. Vocational education” (direction of education “Vocational Education”)
    “Humanities” (direction of education “Humanities”)
    “Communication. Law. Economy. Management. Economics and Production Management” (direction of education “Communications”, “Law”, “Economy”, “Management”, “Economics and Organization of Production”)
    “Social Protection” (the direction of education “Social Protection”)
    “Physical Culture. Tourism” (direction of education “Physical Culture”, “Sport. Tourism. Hospitality”)
    “Technology” (direction of education “Computers”, “Environment”)
  3. Educational internship program for managers and professionals.
  4. Educational programs of retraining and advanced training of workers (employees).
  5. Educational program of training courses (lectures, thematic seminars, workshops, training, officer courses and other types of training courses).
  6. Educational program for improvement of the capacity and capabilities of the individual.

Besides the additional programs of adult education the institute offers a number of programs of additional education of children and youth.

Today The Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining is:

  • More than 4500 graduates of educational programs of additional education for adults.
  • Annually about 300 students of educational training programs on various subjects and professional orientation, for example, “Actual issues of Excursion Studies”, “Short-term psychological counseling techniques”, “Economic development of organizations in postal industry”, “Modern technology of librarianship”, “Acute problems of the organization of the educational process in an institution of higher education”, “Business English”, etc.
  • More than 300 students of educational programs:
    training courses (“Fundamentals of business planning”, “Computer Graphics and Design”, “Fingerspelling and basics of sign language”, “Italian. Course for Beginners”, “Italian history, culture, society”, “Information and Communication Technologies”, etc.);
    lectures and thematic seminars of popular scientific and professional orientation, such as “Psychology of addictive behavior”, “Acute problems of child psychiatry”, “Family, sexual disharmony: diagnosis and correction”, “Psychological and business training”, etc.
    The Hallmark of The Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining is regional festival of practical psychology “Psіhalagіchny vosenskі kіrmash”, which is held annually in November.
  • About 400 children of preschool-age are enrolled in various educational programs: “development by playing”, “grow and develop”, “On the threshold of the school”, “Learn to speak correctly”, “Learn English”, “Tales Therapy. Harmony and beauty of the soul”, “Development of vocal and rhythmic skills of preschool children”. Also, for school-age children classes on school subjects are offered, and for children and their parents — individual psychological and educational counseling and psycho-pedagogical diagnostic study, art studio “My World” functions, etc.
  • Creative workshop of creating new innovative public projects, such as, for example, the School of Psychology “Psycheja”, School of the young economist manager, driving school, and the implementation of projects that have already received the approval of professionals and the public, for example, the project “Regional Institute of family” which is marked by the diploma of specialized competition “innovation Cup” organized by “Mogilev Technological Park” (2011). The head of this project is the deputy director for educational work of our Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining Ph.D., L. G. Zaitseva.
  • More than 150 leading and highly qualified teachers of our university and other higher education institutions, as well as practitioners, having a higher profile education, providing educational process who widely use modern information and learning tools in their innovative technologies and techniques and 5 methodists, who organize methodological support of educational programs at high professional level (Irina Gaidukova, Oksana Samsonava, Svetlana V. Korshunova, Alla Vodneva and Tatyana Naumenko).
  • Constantly developing material base only by means of extrabudgetary funds earned by the institute, all lecture halls of the Institute are equipped with modern audio-video equipment, there is a computer and a language class. All of this are there thanks to the competent planning and financial policy of the chief economist of The Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining — Malakhova Lilie Leonidovna.
  • Active organizational, methodological and research activities.
    The Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining has a very serious experience in the organization of international conferences and seminars, debuting in January 2003 by National Conference “Defectology: current state and prospects for development and improvement”, organized by the Ministry of Education. In the Institute Belarusian-German and Belarusian-American scientific workshops on helping children with developmental disabilities and their parents were held. The last of these was attended by five doctors of Neshvilsk University (USA, Tennessee). In November, 2007 a working meeting with the teachers of the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) on the development of a system of retraining and advanced training in Belarus and Sweden was held. As the Recognition of the authority and experience of the Institute is international scientific conference on adult education in the CIS. In May, 2006 International scientific-practical conference “Improving training and retraining of managers and professionals” in the CIS states was held: problems, priorities and prospects of development, organized by the Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Council of Cooperation education of CIS, the Republican Institute of Higher School and the Institute of Adult Education of the Russian Academy of Education (St. Petersburg). Conference resolution was used in the development and adoption of the Concept of development of adult education in the CIS member states, approved by the Council of Heads of Government in 26 May, 2006 in Moscow. Great resonance among the specialists of the training and retraining was devoted to the second International Scientific and Practical Conference “Adult Education in the CIS Member States: experience and prospects of development priorities”, which took place in October, 2009, which was devoted to discussions of the future development of additional adult education in the CIS states, first raised at the I International scientific-practical conference on the subject. In November, 2010 in the Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining (at the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Institute) the Republican round table “Role of Institutes of Advanced Studies and Retraining in the innovative development of the educational system of the Republic of Belarus” was held.
  • Promising and productive cooperation with institutions and organizations of the region (“Belpochta”, “Mogotex”, private institution “SOS-Children's Village Mogilev”, General Directorate of the National Bank of Belarus, Mogilev Region, Department of Labor, Employment and Social Protection Mogilev regional and city executive committees, etc.) and international cooperation. In the signed contracts Institute cooperates with the Institute of Advanced Studies of the East Kazakhstan State S. Amanzholov University (Ust-Kamenogorsk), Cherkassy Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education of teachers of Cherkasy Regional Council (Ukraine). Earlier — with the establishment of the Russian Academy of Education, “Institute of Adult Education” (St. Petersburg).
  • The numerous graduates who operate at the highest professional level, using the knowledge gained in the course of training at the Institute, including: Galkovskaya Galina — Director of “Mstislavl district center remedial developmental education and rehabilitation”; Golomako Olga — a board member of the public association “Mogilev and self-support center”, the consultant on the state social order, the head of the working group “domestic violence: creating of a profile command on the prevention and assistance to victims of violence”; Dziuba Anna Nikolaevna — Director of Driving School “Driver”; Svetlana Dmitrieva — Director of “Special Secondary School of Mogilev”; Zhuravkova Oksana — Director of “Mogilev Regional Centre of Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation”; Zagurska Inna Mefodevna — Deputy Director General for Personnel and ideological work of “Building Trust № 12” (Mogilev), Sergey Kozachenko — chief of traffic police of Mogilev police department; Menkova Oksana — Olympic champion in hammer throwing; Panshina Helena Ivanovna — Director of “Khotimsky district center of remedial developmental education and rehabilitation”; Petrusevich Alexander Alexandrovich — deputy head of the law enforcement and prevention of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee; Pivanova Nadezhda Vladimirovna - Director of “Krasnopolskii district center of remedial developmental education and rehabilitation"; Rudakovskaya Alla Vasilyevna — Director of “Belynichi district center of remedial developmental education and rehabilitation”; Samusenko Albina Vasilyevna — Head of business support and development of Mogilev center of development of small businesses; Smorodsky Aleksandr Petrovich — Head of Bobruisk City Comittee; Stishenkov Oleg — leading economist of “Mogilevkhimvolokno”; Shundalova Alesia Nikolaevna — the first secretary of “Belarusian Republican Youth Union”; Jurkov Oleg Olegovich — Chairman of Public Association of “Mogilev organization of wheelchair sportsmen rehabilitation and sports”; Yakovitsky Oleg Cheslavovich — Lieutenant Colonel, Head of the department of administrative activities of “Mogilev Higher College Ministry of Internal Affairs”.

Continuing the best traditions of their predecessors, the stuff of the Institute of Advanced Studies and Retraining directs their efforts on creation of effective conditions for further improvement and development of supplementary adult education at the university and is committed to becoming a center of additional education of adults in Mogilev region.


1, Kosmonavtov str., Mogilev,
212022, Republic of Belarus
Phone: (8-10-375-0222) 23-76-00

The institute of professional development and personnel retraining

Home page The institute of professional development and personnel retraining